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Camper Lafayette

As part of my second collaboration with Camper, this new pop-up store was installed inside the iconic Galleries Lafayette in Paris.

The project had a very clear starting point: olive wood. I designed a stackable stool that served as a seating object but also as a display for the shoes. Together with 3 mirrored cubes that perform as «fitting rooms» and storage space, the entire pop-up shop can be packed away, shipped and built somewhere else in the future with a minimum carbon footprint.

This is a homage to the resourcefulness of Mediterranean culture: careful selection of the material, multifunctionality of the elements, endless reuse of the space and a deep respect for the environment.

Why olive wood?

Olea europaea is a research project that looks into the consecuences of the olive oil industry in Mediterranean countries and translate them into opportunities for the design business.

In Spain – the world’s largest producer of olive oil – billions of centenary olive trees have been uprooted due to super intensive agriculture since 1990’s and have been replaced by young olive trees replanted in the form of a grid in order to allow mass harvesting.

«Olive roots are massive but they are rarely useful and have very little applications. Nobody wants to use this type of wood because is complicated and risky, it often damages the machinery so cabinet makers walk away when you ask them to work with olive roots. In Andalucia are often chopped in smaller pieces with a chainsaw and sold as firewood.”

The objective with this first outcome of the project is to find alternative uses to this otherwise waste material with such incredible technical and aesthetic properties.


Assistants : Javier Martín, Anabella Vivas
Furniture production: Carsan
Installation: Begramat
Photography: Max Creasy
Process documentation: Yago Castromil