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Détournement DIY

Détournement is a homage to Guy Debord and Gil J. Wolman, the name of the project references a methodology developed in the 1950s by the Letterist International and later adapted by the Situationist International.

This proposal is set to explore the idea of apropiation; it is based on a existing shelving systems that has been re-examined and altered, amplifying its potential applications for the academic landscape.

Considering industrial shelving systems as a multifunctional entity rather than a single structure, we have designed several DIY furniture propositions with the aim of introducing alternatives to the often monotonous and insipid equipment of the educational sphere. The collection includes: a school chair, a trestle, an adaptable double-side desk, a high stool, a low stool, a shelve, a chair and a bench.

To further emphasize the ethical soul of this project the office have decided to offer any like-minded organization the possibility of designing ad-hoc pieces without pretending any economic compensation. There will be just two requirements: those objects have to serve a pedagogical purpose and the selected institution shouldn´t have any direct comercial profit with this activity.

Note: Feel free to download the blueprints available below.


Photography : Brenda Germade