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Expanded Polyclayrene

Expanded Polyclayrene (EPC) is a collaboration between Spanish designers Julen Ussia & Jorge Penadés.

When you start designing something the process usually begins with a brief. Or maybe not.
Do we really need to have a document that breaks down all the (un)necessary conditions that a project require to face?

Instead of start making decisions based on context, function, materials, timings, pricing and so on, this project begun the other way around: an anonymous object was irrationally picked and took off wondering what function could perform. The element was a storyfoam piece (technically called Expanded Polystyrene) that was copied into clay; this hybrid result generated a beautiful tension between one of the most polluting materials ever producen by humans and one of the most natural matter we can find on earth. 

Another interesting aspect is how an unglorified item produced on endless quantities by industry can now show an sculptural perspective just by changing the material with which has been made.


Photography: Julen Ussia