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Extraperlo is an experimental platform that explores an expanded vision of design.

The first outcome is an exhibition that gathered works from a selection of international authors that have very diverse profiles and whom often do not feel comfortable with just a single definition about their work.

Extraperlo is based on risk. Experiments, exercises, hypothesis, discarded trials, essays, mistakes, they are all welcome.

Scale is important. Usually is very easy to impress people with big objects but it´s harder to dazzle the audience with small gestures. Participants are asked to send bold ideas in small boxes. Maximum size: a shoe box.

Only cash. All the works will be for sale during the exhibition. If a project gets sold the author will receive the full amount to refund their investment; we will not take a single € nor the Spanish government. This fact provides the name for the project: the term “Estraperlo” is used in Spain to refer to the illegal trade of goods subject to some type of tax or rate by the State.

Extraperlo is initiated and curated by Jorge.

Participants 2019: Marlene Huissoud, Tomás Alonso, James Shaw, Guillermo Santomá, Ilona Gaynor, Nacho Alegre, OKOLO, Cristian Zuzunaga, Kwangho Lee, María Cristina Didero, Fernando Laposse, Chen Chen & Kai Williams and Julen Ussía together with Jorge Penadés.

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Photography: Geray Mena
Shot at: Ruge
Installation views: Iñaki Domingo
Assistants: Javier Martín, Antonio Borlado