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La Chabola

La Chabola is an architectural exercise based on a experimental constructive system commissioned by Concéntrico, the International Architecture and Design Festival of Logroño.

In response to the brief: an installation in a public space with 20 standard wooden boards the objetive was to make the minimum intervention possible on the given material. How could we create an architectural entity with a removable constructive thinking?

Inspired by physiotherapists and how kinesiology tape is used in human muscles Jorge studied how this knowledge could be translated and implemented into an architectural context – at the end bones and muscles are part of one of the most intelligent structures we can think of.

Interested in the precise point where 2 extremely different disciplines can overlap, this project propose a strabic approach to architecture: the outcome is an anarchic method of connecting different surfaces together just with tape. This improvised shanty-esque pavilion generates a visually fragile yet constructively stiff vocabulary – a temporary building strategy that can be further translated into furniture, interiors, ocasional housing or bigger architectural installations.

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Assistants: Dustin Chan, Paloma W Yanes
Sound : Cera
Photography: Josema Cutillas