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Look Mum no UV!

Jorge was invited to participate at Manifesto,  a show curated by Jana Zielinski & Jiří Macek that celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Designblok. The festival commissioned different international designers to create new work that could demonstrate his/her own design vision. The exhibition was held at the beautiful Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace in Prague.

Taking into consideration the Czech context and its renowned glass industry, Jorge studied the properties of this classic material and decided to concentrate on the technical attributes rather than its – commonly followed – aesthetical qualities.

He decided to further develop an exercise initiated last year for his solo show at Madrid-based gallery Machado-Muñoz. With a metal buckle and a leather strap Jorge created
Look Mum no UV!: a simple yet extremely versatile constructive system that explore glass connections in a non-conventional manner. The first result were a cabinet and a coffee table but the idea is to expand the collection on a whole range of domestic objects.

Probably this is a redundant comment but any glue or binding agent has been used for the construction of the pieces.


Photography: Asier Rua
Producer : Inphinity Glass