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Cervezas Alhambra

Numeradas has been developed  for the Spanish beer brand Cervezas Alhambra. Earlier this year, they launched a new series of experimental craft beers that have been fermented on wooden barrels from different Andalusian sweet wines from Jerez: Amontillado, Palo Cortado and Pedro Ximenez. The office was asked to do a project with those 56 oak barrels after the fermentation process.

Based on the experimental attitude of this beer company Jorge was interested on the idea of inefficiency and decided to propose an anti-industrial exercise centered on seating objects. What could be the most inefficient chair from an industrial point of view?

Through a mathematical formula we created a collection of 3.060 one-off seating objects based on 18 different variations of legs. Each of the 4 legs in every chair are different and thus the connections between them as well.

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Assistants : Darío Giménez, Antonio Borlado, Javier Martín
Graphics: Pablo Ferreira
Photography: Asier Rua