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New Material

I was invited by curator Maria Cristina Didero to have my first solo show in Milan. «Looks Like Magic» was an exhibition about a new research-driven project resulting in a new material called Textile-Clay. It took place at the Casa dei Demoni in 5Vie during Milan Design Week.

Textile-Clay is a clay-like material made out of textile waste. We collaborated with Telelavo, a Spanish startup that deals with washing and processing textiles mainly for restaurants and hotels. They collect and provide us with their fluff: fibers that are released and get stuck on the filters of their industrial drying machines when they spin. We take advantage of the everyday decaying process of textiles and use it as our raw material.

Starch acts as a binder. It is used on the laundry business to ease the washing process and to achieve a more robust finish when the textiles get ironed. After mixing the raw material with this binder, we borrow different manual processes and techniques from clay making in order to give shape to our objects.

Textile-Clay have 2 predominant advantages regarding conventional clay: 1. is a non-extractive material, meaning we don’t need to take anything out from the earth. 2. it has a very low energy impact because this new material does not need to be fired, glazed, and re-fired. Due to the water-based nature of the binder the built items just need some time to dry up and become fully functional objects.


Photography: Max Creasy
Assistants: Jesús Carmona, Marion Jaouen, Antonius Dreier
Producer: 5Vie
Sponsor: Telelavo